Varun Chakraborty expects more from his fellow KKR bowlers at Kolkata

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KKR beat Punjab Kings at Eden Gardens on Monday. He has three wickets in his own possession. Still, Varun Chakraborty can’t be happy. He urged his fellow bowlers to make more use of the home field advantage. According to Varun, they have to bowl better.

Varun said during the match on Monday,

“We have to bowl better at home. It is already difficult to bowl in Eden. So we should uses variations in bowling and take advantage out of it. Eden Gardens has flat wicket, as well as shorter boundaries. Apart from that, if we play well at home, we can do well in all competitions. It is tough to bowl to batters like Dhawan to bowl on such pitches. So by maintaining the right line and length, success is possible.”

The statistics of the tournament show that the Kolkata spinners have taken the most wickets. Varun, Sunil Narine, Suyash Sharma, Nitish Rana have nearly 40 wickets together. But they are not able to use that advantage at home. He is a little annoyed with that.

However, he is impressed with captain Nitish Rana. He admitted that it was Nitish’s support that gave him confidence. Varun said,

“Nitish supports me all the time. It was his support that helped me to succeed.”

Varun Chakraborty enters Purple cap race

A good performance against Punjab has brought Varun Chakraborty in the race of purple cap.

Varun took three wickets against Punjab Kings on Monday. Varun thus has leaped a lot in the purple cap race, rose to number five. At this moment, Varun has 17 wickets in 11 matches. His economy rate is 7.84. That statistic is better than many.

Among the bowlers in the top ten, Piyush Chawla has the best economy rate. He took 17 wickets in 10 matches. He is at number four. His economy rate is 7.17. Next comes Varun.

Rajasthan’s Yuzvendra Chahal has the same number of wickets as Chawla and Varun. But with an economy rate of 8.08, he is ranked sixth.

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