Venkatesh Iyer credits MS Dhoni for his ability to make sound decisions

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni led the Indian team to three ICC titles, establishing a highly successful era. Additionally, Dhoni achieved remarkable success as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, winning five titles, including the latest edition. With his immense accomplishments, Dhoni has become a global icon and an inspiration to many cricketers. Venkatesh Iyer, a young Indian player, also admires Dhoni. During an interview, Iyer discussed a specific moment from an IPL 2023 match between Chennai and Kolkata Knight Riders. He highlighted Dhoni’s exceptional leadership, which resulted in Iyer’s dismissal in the game. Iyer acknowledged Dhoni’s masterful decision-making and leadership skills.

“I was batting. And I thought to myself, short third-man shouldn’t be there in the first place, he was standing in the wrong position,”

Venkatesh Iyer said.

“I asked him (Dhoni) after the match, ‘Bhaiya kyu’. And he replied ‘the way you were batting, all the fielders should have been a lot finer. That’s why I had put him a tad bit fine, and I was like I had never thought about it,”

he further added.

MS Dhoni is an artist of calmness: Iyer

Iyer also admired Dhoni’s composed nature, particularly in high-pressure situations. He described the 41-year-old as a master of tranquility.

“I think it’s his composure, his ability to not react in pressure situations, to be calm and composed in a state of mind where he’s neutral. That allows him to make better decisions, we always associate MS Dhoni with making good decisions, because he’s able to attend that state of mind where he’s composed,”

Iyer further stated.

“MS Dhoni is an artist of calmness, coolness, and taking good decisions in pressure situations. What he can do, no one else can in the world,”

he concluded.

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