Virat Kohli sets an off-field record at the end of 2022

Ravichandran Ashwin

Virat Kohli has been breaking records every time he steps on the field. Despite a lean patch in the last couple of years, the Indian superstar has been setting new records every other match. Virat had a bittersweet 2022 on the field but the global star has shaken the world with his jaw-dropping stuff away from the field.

The record

This time around, it is the off-field record that has been set by Virat Kohli. According to financial reports, Kohli earned Rs. 256.52 crores in 2022 from sponsorship and commercial deals. This is the highest amongst any Indian cricketer last year. 

No one even comes close to him in the chart. Indian skipper Rohit Sharma earns 74.47cr while Jasprit Bumrah earns Rs. 57.92 crores through sponsorships and commercial deals. Kohli is earning more than three times the skipper. 

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