We tried to change with our mentality back then”: Gilchrist talks about the 2004 series in India

ICC World Test Championship

Former Australian wicketkeeper believes that Australia have a massive chance this series to win in India. He drew many similarities to the squad of 2004 and feels that Australia have to be patient without going searching for wickets. He also said that they need not get greedy looking at the pitch and not play an extra spinner unnecessarily. 

“Attack the stumps from ball one”: Gilchrist

“What we tried to change with our mentality back then – and I’d be interested to see if the Australians do it this time – is don’t go searching and just rolling spinners out there,” Gilchrist told Fox Sports. “Attack the stumps right from ball one. Swallow your pride a bit, be defensive to be aggressive…

“Start with one slip, start with a catching mid-wicket, put fielders out on the boundary to nullify the boundary option, but keep a couple of catchers in place – either at short cover or short mid-wicket – and just be patient.”

“Pick your best 4 bowlers”: Gilchrist

Gilchrist feels Australia should play their four best bowlers with 3 fast bowlers and a spinner in Nathon Lyon.

“I think they’ll do it (win the series). I really do,” Gilchrist said. “I think they’ve got a squad and final XI that will have a lot of similarities to the team we rolled with in 2004. So often teams go to India hoping to unveil some new spinner that’s going to come in and adapt and bedazzle in India — it doesn’t really happen.

“Pick your best four bowlers, run with them — and if that is three seamers who can all get really nice reserve swing and Nathan Lyon, who’s outstanding and clearly the best off-spinner we’ve ever had, can play his role — that’s my gut feeling. You do that, you go with it.”

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