World Test Championship next cycle in progress; final to be played in 2023

Indian Premier League

ICC’s move to organize the World Test Championship has certainly raised the standards of Test cricket.

The inaugural final of the tournament was played between India and New Zealand last year.

New Zealand emerged as the winners of the tournament after defeating India at Southampton.

The second cycle of the WTC is in progress with all major Test teams playing against each other to qualify for the finals.

The teams who are being deemed as winners of the trophy are India, New Zealand and Australia.

But, there still can be unpredictable results in the cycle.

The ICC has changed the format of the WTC slightly.

In the new system, points will not be awarded on a series-to-series basis but on a match-to-match basis.

Teams winning the match will receive 12 points, 6 points for a tie, 4 points for a draw and 0 for losing the match.

The percentage of points system will continue as before and has not been changed.

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