Yashasvi Jaiswal- the name Rajasthan Royals loved 124 times

Rajasthan Royals

124 runs off 62 balls. When he scored a century against Mumbai Indians on Sunday, he did not realize that the ball had crossed the boundary line. Yashasvi Jaiswal said it himself when he came to receive the man of the match award. Then the Rajasthan Royals batsman said,

“When I realized, I thanked God for giving me the opportunity.”

Yashasvi’s opportunity in cricket is like a fairy tale. He was born in Suriya area of ​​Vadohi district of Uttar Pradesh. His father Bhupendra used to sell paints. Mother Kanchan taught in a private school. After raising four children, it was becoming impossible to meet the expenses of making Yashasvi Jaiswal a cricketer.

But a gritted Yashasvi Jaiswal convinced his father to bring him to Mumbai. He moved to Mumbai at the age of ten. His dream was to become a cricketer. He first worked in a shop to make ends meet. But only cricket ruled his mind. He exercise regularly every day. He devoted so much time to practice that there was no time for the shop. However, the result came to him within a few days.

Yashasvi, had suddenly caught the attention of Jwals Singh. The course of life turned then. Jwala brought him to his home. He then asked his wife Vandana to look after this ‘boy’ as their own son. Jwala started giving free training. That’s the beginning. Afterwards, Yashasvi did not have to look back. Yasaswi initially had said Jwala,

“Sir, I can’t do anything else. I can only play cricket. I will do all your work. I will do whatever you say. I will clean the house and polish the shoes. Just let me play cricket.”

Just work hard to get what you want: Yashasvi Jaiswal

Jwala has his own academy in Santacruz, Mumbai. Yashasvi started his pursuit there after that. His efforts did not fail either. In school cricket in 2015, his innings of 319 runs and 13 wickets with 99 runs got a place in the Limca Book of Records. Then, opportunity came to him for India’s U-16 team. Gradually, he made a place in the under-19 team as well. Then, he became the best cricketer of the Youth World Cup in 2020. He scored 400 runs in the tournament at an average of 133. Yashasvi Jaiswal moreover had incredible streak of match-winning centuries and four half-centuries in the semi-finals.

Yashasvi wants to maintain this continuity. While recieving the Man of the Match award, he elated Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s philosophy,

“Just work hard to get what you want. The method must original. You will get the results.”

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