Ajinkya Rahane 2.0 setting horror for opponents by showering boundaries

Ajinkya Rahane - Indian Test Team

Dinesh Karthik was seen in a new form in IPL last year. This season is there to savour the new avatar of Ajinkya Rahane. The Mumbaikar has changed the philosophy of cricket. His game has aldo changed. This Rahane is unknown- this Rahane is devastating! He is filled with all the aggressions of T-20 cricket. From where have he got his agression back, is still a chapter to be unfolded!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, while captaining the Indian team, was not happy with Rahane’s limitations in ODI cricket. However, that Dhoni is also the captain of Chennai Super Kings. Rahane is now his big hope in IPL. Rahane, who had fallen at the end of the auction, was picked up by Chennai to prevent a batting disaster. But Rahane is not letting the ball drop within the 22 yards!

Ajju 2.0 on field providing nightmares to opponents

Last year he was with the Kolkata Knight Riders. The cricket experts of Shah Rukh Khan’s team could not trust and thus relaeased the 34-year-old cricketer.

Even the national selectors could not trust him white ball cricket. Rahane last played one day match for the country on February 16, 2018. He got the chance to play only 20 T20 matches. He last played for the country in August 2016. Not only white ball cricket, Indian team also lost confidence in red ball cricket because of Rahane. The selectors dropped from the Test team for poor form. The Indian Cricket Board authorities also excluded him from the central contract.

Many thought that Rahane’s cricket career was over. The Mumbai batter started from scarp. Rahane is now number eight in terms of four hits in IPL. He has hit 449 fours. It seems unbelievable but it is true. 73 fours came from his bat in 2012 IPL. Rahane is seventh in terms of four hits in a year. Rahane is seen batting regularly in Test cricket. He never compromised with technique. It is Rahane who is forcing him to reinvent his cricket.

Rahane achieved Greg’s “next level” parameter in cricket

Greg Chappell used to talk about ‘next level’ cricket when he was the coach of the Indian team. Rahane’s batting has now reached that ‘next level’. Even the cricket experts are not able to match the Rahane they knew for so many years. The Rahane of this IPL is so different that the own they knew. Watching Rahane’s batting these days is a treat to the eyes. He is hitting one six every 9.54 balls. Hhis previous best was in 2019. He had hit a six per over at 31.67 balls. Rahane has hit a four every 3.6 balls so far this time. As such he is the best. His strike rate was 254.16!

Rahane played an unbeaten innings of 71 runs off 29 balls at Eden on Sunday. Hit 6 fours and 5 sixes. Eden’s yellow gallery dressed for Dhoni danced for him. Kolkta bowleres got puzzled in front of Rahane.

At the end of the game, he told the secret of aggressive batting. He credited the “Small outfield” thay helped to to score massve. And also, “one side of the wicket is really small.”

2020 to 2022 — Rahane’s strike rate in IPL was 127.08 in these three years. No match can be found with that Rahane this time. Rahane’s eyes are on the boundary as soon as he gets on the field in Chennai. He was also seen in the mood on Sunday against Mumbai Indians at the familiar Wankhede. He scored 61 runs off 27 balls.

Ajinkya Rahane speaks of clear mindest

Ajinkya Rahane has batted between 17 and 20 overs in 32 innings of 153 IPL matches so far. That is, in the slog over of the match. However, Rahane’s bat has never seen such power. Basically he was seen keeping one side of the wicket. If he is at the striking end, the run rate is often reduced. This time it’s the opposite. Rahane’s strike means the pace of runs has increased. Test cricket’s off drive, straight drive, hook, pull are all in his bat. Change is only in 20 over cricket.

How to change so much? Rahane says,

Just had a clear mindset. If the thing between your ears is right, and your mind is right then you will be fine. I am just trying to enjoy my game. The wicket was a bit sticky, but once you are in you have a great chance. We had a great start, and after that I wanted to play my shots and keep the momentum.”

Mumbaikar’s wish to play a test at Wankhede

He has scored 209 runs in 5 matches so far. His average is 52.25 and strike rate 199.04. He has 18 boundaried and 11 over boundaries. Under the leadership of this Rahane, India won the Test series despitd suffering a poor defeat in the first Test on Australian soil. Who says there is no fire left in Rahane!

After Sunday’s match, Dhoni said he did not put any pressure on Aninkha Rahane. https://crickdom.news/dhoni-thanked-the-eden-gardens-crowd-but-spits-nothing-on-retirement/

He trusted the experienced batsman and gave him the opportunity to play at the place of his choice. Rahane is using that opportunity. Dhoni once questioned the limitations of Rahane’s batting in one-day cricket. Rahane is just breaking the fence of limitations thiz year. He has however, one regret. He said,

“I have never played a Test at Wankhede. I want to play at least one.”

Ajju believes his best is yet to come

Karthik’s stellar performance last year earned him a place in the T20 World Cup squad. This time there is also a One Day Internationals World Cup. The national selectors will have to be brave to drop Rahane from the Test squad as well. Like Rahane’s brave batting, the mumbaikar says,

“I have enjoyed all my knocks so far, but I still feel the best is yet to come. It is great learning, I have played under Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) for India for many years, and now even at CSK, it has been great learning. If you listen to whatever he says, you will more often than not perform.”

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