Ajinkya Rahane reveals on how Sachin Tendulkar motivated him

Ajinkya Rahane - Indian Test Team

Sachin Tendulkar became 50 years old on 24th April 2023. On asked this occasion Sachin told that it is his slowest and best 50 of all time. Ajinkya Rahane reveals on how Sachin Tendulkar motivated everyone on his test retirement day. Rahane has been in very good touch playing as top order and middle-order batsman. He has the highest strike rate for a batsman in IPL 23 with a minimum of 100 runs. Sachin has been an inspiration for many around the world. It is already meant when people call him as GOD of cricket.

Ajinkya Rahane on Sachin said that

“Soon after, the match against the West Indies ended on 16 November 2013 at the Wankhede, and Paaji (Sachin Tendulkar) was back alone in the changing room, having completed his retirement speech, each one of us felt the emotions. We had decided to give Paaji some space, and I was astonished when he called me over,” 

“I was the 12th man in that match and had yet to really get my chances in the preceding two years. Paaji had seen me from very close and had this to say. ‘I have known you for years and have seen how much you love the game. You have been the perfect devotee and have served cricket with all the dedication and commitment over the last few years. Rohit (Sharma) has come up and grabbed your spot on the back of a fantastic one-day double hundred against Australia,”

Ajinkya Rahane further added that

“But you will get your chance, and you should grab it with both hands once you do. For the moment, you may feel it is a cruel game, but I am certain the game will take care of you in the future if you continue to serve it the way you have always done’,” 

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