BCCI to Reject PCB’s hybrid model for Upcoming Asia Cup

Asia Cup

BCCI is likely to reject PCB’s hybrid model for upcoming Asia Cup 2023. The Asia cup this year may happen around September 2023. After many meetings the host place for this year’s Asia cup is yet to be finalised. However, BCCI is not going to change their stance they are clearly not ready in going to Pakistan.

Reports says that BCCI will not travel to Pakistan

“Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan have already told the PCB that they have no issues playing their games in Pakistan. But BCCI is not keen on supporting the hybrid model. Now, the impasse hasn’t been broken, and the final decision will only be taken at the ACC executive board meeting that Jay (Shah) will have to summon,” an ACC board member was quoted as saying by NDTV.

The reports further added that

“There has to be a middle of the road solution as you can’t put this hybrid model to vote. I mean, if there are six nations playing in the event including BCCI, what is the locus standi of the 19 other nations who won’t play in the tournament? On what basis will they vote when they have no stake?” said the member of ACC.

Pakistan Cricket Board came up with a hybrid model. That stated that India’s matches and Finals will be played in a neutral venue. Other matches will be play in Pakistan. BCCI and Jay Shah are likely to reject the proposal. The meeting of all the cricket board will take place after the final of the IPL.

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