Bumrah should decide between short formats or tests: Jeff Thomson


Jasprit Bumrah’s injury woes have kept him out of several important series, including the T20 World Cup. Bumrah was ruled out of the T20 World Cup in Australia due to a recurring back injury in September last year, following a three-match T20I series against Australia.

According to Australia’s fast bowling legend Jeff Thomson, India’s premier bowler may have to decide whether he wants to prioritize limited overs cricket or Tests in order to extend his career.

Bumrah and his injury concerns

Bumrah’s unusual high-arm action, short run up to the crease, and physical exertion at the point of release could all be factors contributing to his making injury prone.

Fast bowlers in the past have always struggled with stress fractures or back problems. But despite advances in modern sports science, Jasprit continues to struggle with them.

“Well, (Bumrah) has to work out what he wants to play, short formats or Test matches or both. If I think about if I was playing now, it would be very hard for me to play Test matches. Especially, when you get so much money in the short version of the game which just makes your longevity better. We didn’t have to think about money in our days because there was no money. Now it’s a huge business,”

Thomson was quoted as saying by Revsportz.

“The only one who is going to look after you is yourself. So, you got to work out how long I am going to play for and how am I going to manage that because no one else is going to. I think you have to be more cunning these days in terms of workload and watch what you got to play. If you are good enough, they are going to pick you any way so you should be able to pull the strings,”

He further added.

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