Cricket Claims Two Lives in Gujarat, Fourth such incident in Rajkot

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On Sunday, Jignesh Chauhan (30) died due to cardiac arrest while playing cricket in Rajkot. Meanwhile, in Surat, 27-year-old Prashant Bharolia was rushed to a hospital after complaining of chest pain. Notably, this happened following a game of cricket, but unfortunately, he also passed away on Sunday. The sudden deaths of these two healthy youngsters have left their families in shock.


Chauhan’s death marks the third such incident in Rajkot in the last 20 days where individuals have died after playing cricket. A few weeks ago, Kishan Patel from Sheikhpura village also died after playing cricket in the adjacent Salut village. In total, there have been five deaths reported in Gujarat so far, where victims have died after or during a game of cricket.

Death in Rajkot:

While participating in the Interpress media tournament, Jignesh Chauhan was playing cricket at a ground in Rajkot. He scored 30 runs before being bowled out and coming out of the ground to sit on a chair. Suddenly, he complained of massive chest pain and fell unconscious before anyone could rush to his rescue. He was immediately taken to Civil Hospital. Doctors found that his heart had stopped working and could not detect a pulse. Sadly, he is believed to have died of cardiac arrest. Jignesh is survived by his wife and three-year-old daughter.

Death in Surat:

After playing cricket, Prashant Bharolia complained of chest pain and was treated at a private hospital. However, he was later transferred to Smimer Hospital, where he passed away. It’s worth noting that Bharolia was studying engineering in Canada.

Experts have pointed out that intense training and sudden increases in physical activity can cause physical stress on the body. This can increase the risk of a heart attack. It is often believed that athletes or sportspersons cannot have heart disease due to their high fitness levels, but this is not entirely true.

Furthermore, some players use steroids to get an energy boost before a match or activity, which can further enhance the risk of heart disease, including heart attacks.

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