Pujara confident ahead of 100th Test: My Commitment unquestionable


Cheteshwar Pujara is going to play in his 100th Test match soon. This is a big achievement for him considering he was dropped from the Test team last year. But he went to England and played very well in county cricket. This helped him to get back on the team.

Pujara says that he loves cricket very much. He is always committed to playing well. No one can doubt this. He is very excited to play in his 100th Test match. The next match he will play is against Australia. It starts on February 17 in Delhi.


Talking to ESPNcricinfo, Pujara said:

“It’s the love for the game. My passion has become my profession. I never dreamt of doing anything else apart from playing cricket. I don’t need any kind of motivation to do well. And it’s not just about international cricket. If you look at my performances in games at whatever level – club, state, county, country – no one can question my commitment. I hate losing.”

Renowned for his ability to stay focused on the cricket pitch, Pujara shared that he attributes his enhanced concentration to the practice of yoga. He stated that incorporating yoga in his routine has been of immense assistance in boosting his focus while playing.

“Yoga has helped me immensely in the last several years, and I’ve been doing it regularly. That has also helped me improve my concentration. For me, when I’m batting out there in the middle, I try and keep my mind blank, I try and just focus on what I have to do. And to do that you need to also forget what the bowler will do, because in cricket you have to be in the present, you have to look at the ball and let your instinct follow,”

Pujara added.

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