Daryl Harper criticizes MS Dhoni for pausing the game

MS Dhoni

Daryl Harper openly criticized MS Dhoni which could not be done by any other cricketers or umpires. It needs some guts to point out the mistake made by big people. In the end of the mistake is a mistake, irrespective of who has done it. If it was done by some new or young captain, he might have gotten roasted by the former players. However, no one has the guts to talk about the incident in this case.

Daryl Harper on MS Dhoni’s actions said that

“Of course MS Dhoni wasted time to allow his preferred bowling option to deliver the vital sixteenth over. That’s the only conclusion that I can draw from that disappointing spectacle. The issue for me is the lack of respect shown for the Spirit of cricket and for the directions of the umpires. There were other options for the captain but they were ignored,” Harper was quoted as saying by MyKhel.

Daryl Harper further added that

“Maybe some people are bigger than the law or in this case the Spirit of cricket. It’s always disappointing to see the lengths that some people will go to in order to win,” the former Australian umpire added.

According to Daryl Harper, he says that some people are bigger than the law. It should not be the case. What if all these happened during the Final of the Indian Premier League also?. Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings meet yet again in the Finals of the tournament. Rain is expected to play a role in this match.

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