Dhoni is like Virat’s ‘big-brother’ : Kohli’s childhood coach


Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli‘s childhood coach, revealed how MS Dhoni supported Kohli during a tough time. When Dhoni played under Kohli’s captaincy, Kohli had a big brother in the team. This helped Kohli feel supported and allowed him to field on the boundary line during the death overs. Sharma mentioned that Dhoni’s presence made a significant difference in Kohli’s confidence and performance.


Talking about the bond between Kohli and Dhoni, Rajkumar Sharma said:

“Virat [Kohli] has always respected MS Dhoni and considers him a big brother. When Dhoni played under Virat, we saw Virat go at the long on during the death overs. He knew that his big brother was there to handle things. This allowed him to field in the deep, as you need to have good fielders in those positions towards the backend of the innings. I really appreciate Dhoni for supporting Virat at a time when others targeted him.”

According to Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli has been leading the fitness culture in the national team. He explained that Kohli helped his teammates understand the benefits of weight training for improving their game. Sharma added that Kohli’s efforts have been significant in raising the team’s fitness levels and overall performance.

Virat Kohli’s biggest achievement was that he changed the fitness culture in Indian cricket. The team was the fittest during his captaincy. He did it himself first and led from the front. Earlier, players didn’t do weight training. Virat made them understand that it would be very helpful, given that they did it correctly. This is why there weren’t many injuries during his tenure and the Indian team always remained No.1.”

India’s ongoing four-match home Test series against Australia includes Kohli in their squad. The right-handed batter has a modest average of 25.33, with just 76 runs in three innings so far. The two sides will meet for the third Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy at the Holkar Stadium in Indore, beginning on Wednesday, March 1st. The upcoming match is expected to be a thrilling encounter between the two sides.

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