Disney Star’s IPL broadcast attracts record-breaking numbers of viewers

Titas Sadhu

Disney Star, the official broadcaster of IPL 2023, has set a new record for viewership in the first 19 matches of the tournament. According to BARC, 36.9 crore viewers tuned in to watch the live broadcast of the matches. They have broken all previous IPL viewership records, including those of the two IPL editions that were played during Covid.

The broadcaster has also recorded a staggering 11350 crore (113.5 billion) minutes* of watch time for the first 19 matches. Disney Star has prioritized delivering an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience to fans by creating an engaging and interactive product.

In comparison to the last edition, the broadcaster has seen a 25% growth in match TVR for the live broadcast of the first 19 matches. This increase can be attributed to the high levels of engagement among viewers. As well as the successful marketing campaign and the high-quality broadcast on the Disney Star network. This growth is also a testament to the immense potential of TV in aggregating audiences.

Disney Star’s association with celebrities proved very fruitful

Disney Star has gone above and beyond to deliver an immersive viewing experience for the IPL 2023. This has led to high levels of trust and loyalty from its viewers. By providing multiple language feeds, region-specific analysis, and interactive segments with cricket experts, the broadcaster has connected with viewers across the country.

They have also offered on-ground experiences such as the IPL Trophy Tour, the Fan Bus, and India’s largest-ever school quiz, The Incredible School Quiz. In addition, Disney Star has collaborated with big names in Indian entertainment. Collaboration with celebrities such as Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra, to attract a diverse audience. The broadcaster has also worked with major cricket stars. Like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to produce exclusive content beyond the game.

By focusing on fan engagement and leveraging technology to enhance the viewing experience, Disney Star has set the bar high for cricket broadcasting in India.

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