Ganguly predicts only financially viable T20 leagues will survive

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Sourav Ganguly, former India cricket captain, believes the growing number of T20 leagues is a passing trend. He believes that only financially stable leagues will be able to survive in the long run, as players are increasingly prioritizing franchise cricket over national duty. The Big Bash League recently concluded, and new leagues are launching in the UAE and South Africa, with plans for a league in the United States later this year. According to Ganguly, only leagues with a strong ecosystem will be successful in the long run.

Sourav Ganguly: ‘Some T20 Leagues Will Disappear as Players Learn Their Importance’

Ganguly, in a Sportstar event, said

“We keep talking about the leagues around the world, if you look at the IPL it is in a different ecosystem and different league, the Big Bash in Australia does very well, The Hundred does very well in the UK and I see the South Africa league doing very well, I have been watching it for last three weeks.”

“I remember I played my first world cup in 1999, Zimbabwe could beat anybody. I am sure Zimbabwe cricket did not have a lot of money then, even India did not have that much money. The West Indies, days of Michael Holding, Andy Roberts and Joel Garner, where was the money? There wasn’t. Administration is very important to hold on to the players. If the relationship between players and administrators is good lot of problems can get solved. Cricket has a lot more money now, I don’t think money is the issue. There is a need to hold on to the players to play for the country”,

Ganguly further added.

The IPL leads the way in T20 franchise cricket, followed by the Big Bash League in Australia, the PSL in Pakistan, and others such as the BPL, CPL, and newer ones such as the ILT20 and SA20.

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