Harbhajan Singh predicts Jaiswal and Gill as India’s future opening pair

Shubman Gill

Harbhajan Singh, the former Indian off-spinner, offered his insights into the future of Indian cricket and his vision for the T20 team. He focused on the potential of emerging talents like Shubman Gill, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Tilak Varma, and Rinku Singh, among others. Harbhajan stressed the importance of nurturing young players and creating a dynamic team, highlighting the promising prospects that lie ahead for Indian cricket. Additionally, he proposed Gill as a potential captaincy option for India in the future.

Harbhajan said:

“If we are talking about batsmen, then I can say that Shubman Gill has the potential. Along with him, I think Yashasvi too has the potential to be the future of India. I think Yashasvi is this year’s most impressive player. And in the years to come he will definitely play for Team India. Shubman Gill will also be there, maybe he will be the captain as well. I’m talking about the future here. And I also think that Tilak Varma and Rinku Singh will also be there, so I’m making a squad for the future of the Indian team. They are all unbelievable talents.”

Rinku should get his chances too: Harbhajan

In addition, Harbhajan opined on India’s T20I captaincy, recommending that the talented young players. Players who are currently excelling in the IPL should be given immediate opportunities under Hardik Pandya’s leadership at the international level. However, he did not specify which existing players should make room for prospects like Jaiswal, Rinku, and Gill in the Indian team.

Harbhajan further said:

“If we look at the current form, and if we want to go in the direction of youth. Then Yashasvi is the best option available. When we lost the T20 World Cup in Dubai last year, then there was much speculation that we should build a team around youngsters.”

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