Harbhajan Singh recollects a moment when Sachin got angry

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Sachin Tendulkar became 50 years old on 24th April 2023. On asked this occasion Sachin told that it is his slowest and best 50 of all time. The Indian Off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has traveled a lot with Sachin Tendulkar. And he reveals how Sachin got angry. Sachin has been an inspiration for many around the world. It is already meant when people call him as GOD of cricket. The incident happened when India went on a tour to Australia in 1999. Harbhajan was just 20 years old then.

Harbhajan Singh on Sachin Tendulkar

 “For a 20-year-old who had just started touring  and was on his first trip to Australia, stealing a few furtive glances and exchanging smiles I thought were par for the course.Now because of my inattentiveness, I was late in anticipating a few shots that came towards the boundary.” said Harbhajan Singh

But things got worse when I got caught busy ogling, and I didn’t hear Sachin shouting from mid-on, as he wanted a field change. Instead, before I realised it, he was standing beside me, visibly angry. ‘Bhajji, please know one thing. You have seen my good side, but if I want, I can be rude, and you wouldn’t like to see that side of me, you better concentrate,”

Harbhajan Singh further added that

“Sachin, I remember, pulled a chair and sat beside me long after the Test got over. ‘Bhajju, have you seen a racehorse? It doesn’t look sideways. It doesn’t have peripheral vision. looks straight, and the eyes are transfixed on the target. You have to be that. You cannot be distracted by the stardom which you have attained now,”

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