Harbhajan Singh reveals Yuvraj played 2011 World Cup with cancer signs

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During India’s historic victory in the 2011 World Cup, MS Dhoni‘s title-winning six and Gautam Gambhir’s top-order innings were unforgettable moments for fans. These performances were crucial in helping India win after losing the wickets of Sehwag and Tendulkar early in the final against Sri Lanka. Yuvraj Singh was an outstanding player who made a significant contribution to India’s success in the tournament, despite not being in the best of health. After the World Cup, it was discovered that Yuvraj Singh had been diagnosed with cancer. Speaking about the tournament, veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh revealed that Yuvraj frequently coughed during matches. It later turned out to be a symptom of his illness.

“Yuvraj was unwell and he used to face anxiety before matches. Even while batting he used to cough, and sometimes puke. I used to ask him ‘Why do you cough so much? Look at your age and what are you doing!’ But we didn’t know what he was going through, and he played in the World Cup during that illness. Later he found out those were signs of cancer. But then we were making fun of him as we were not aware of the situation, but hats off to the champion,”

said Harbhajan.

India wouldn’t have won the World Cup in 2011 if Yuvraj Singh wasn’t there: Harbhajan

During the 2011 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh played eight innings in nine matches and scored 362 runs with a remarkable average of 90.50. His impressive campaign included four half-centuries and one century. He also took 15 wickets in the tournament, maintaining an economy rate of 5.02. Harbhajan Singh recognizes Yuvraj’s enormous contributions and believes that without him, India may not have advanced as far in the World Cup as they did.

“Not once but twice he helped us win the World Cup. I feel India wouldn’t have won the World Cup in 2011 if Yuvraj Singh wasn’t there. A player like Yuvraj was not there in the past, or now as they are one of a kind,”

Harbhajan further added.

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