IPL 2023 Smashes Records: JioCinema Draws 44.9 Cr Viewership!

Indian Premier league

JioCinema revolutionized the viewing experience of IPL as a staggering 44.9 Cr. viewers actively engaged with their beloved sporting event on the platform. By leveraging JioCinema’s diverse range of platforms, viewers indulged in IPL 2023 using their mobiles, tablets, laptops/desktops, and Connected TVs. JioCinema’s continuous record-breaking streak persisted, captivating millions with seamless access to the thrilling cricket extravaganza. The platform actively enabled viewers to immerse themselves in the action-packed matches. Fostering an interactive and dynamic environment for sports enthusiasts. JioCinema’s dedication to providing multi-platform accessibility solidified its position. As the go-to destination for IPL fans, offering a comprehensive and immersive viewing experience like never before.


Connected TV adoption witnessed a rapid surge throughout the season, encompassing the entire country. This was evident from the massive participation of over 12.6 Cr. viewers who accessed JioCinema via their Connected TVs. Notably, the average time spent per viewer per match on Connected TVs, spanning the entire tournament, exceeded that of linear TV.

In comparison, as per BARC reports, the reach of IPL on linear TV (excluding the final match) for adults (age 15+) stood at 37 Cr. It is important to consider that out-of-home viewing. Encompassing individuals present in restaurants or establishments, whether actively watching the match or not, contributes to this number. Excluding the out-of-home viewing contribution, the reach on linear TV amounts to 32.6 Cr.

During IPL 2023, the adoption of Connected TVs soared, capturing the attention of a vast audience. More than 12.6 Cr. viewers actively engaged with JioCinema on their Connected TVs. Enjoying the convenience and immersive experience it offered. Furthermore, the average time per viewer per match on Connected TVs was recorded at an impressive 65 minutes, surpassing the average time on linear TV.

So, in terms of linear TV viewership, BARC reports indicate a reach of 37 Cr., taking into account out-of-home viewing. However, when excluding the contribution of out-of-home viewing, the linear TV reach amounts to 32.6 Cr. Furthermore, these figures highlight the growing popularity of Connected TVs and the preference of viewers to consume IPL content through this medium.

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