Jaydev Unadkat praises Axar Patel’s impressive Garba skills

Akshar Patel

Jaydev Unadkat, the left-arm fast bowler from Porbandar, Gujarat, takes pride in his cultural roots. In a lighthearted chat with JioCinema, Unadkat shared his love for typical Gujarati snacks and dishes. He revealed that he loves to have jalebi and gaathiya, the moment he comes back from any tour. Unadkat also talked about his guilty pleasure of snacking on Makhanas and handmade Gujarati sweets like Til Mandvi Chikki and Adadiya Pak, which his mother makes for him during winters.

The cricketer also expressed his fondness for buttermilk, stating that he cannot have a meal without it. In case he travels outside India, he mixes yoghurt and water to make his favorite buttermilk. Unadkat led Saurashtra to their second Ranji Trophy win in the last three seasons this year. He is currently playing for the Lucknow Super Giants.

Unadkat said he would coin MS Dhoni as the Mota Bhai

During a quick-fire question round, Jaydev Unadkat, the left-arm fast bowler from Gujarat, gave his teammates interesting Gujarati nicknames. He called MS Dhoni “Mota Bhai,” Cheteshwar Pujara “Bhagwan No Maanas,” and Surya Kumar Yadav “Jalebi Jevo Seedho.” He also compared Ishan Kishan and Rishab Pant, labeling them as “Harakh Padudo” or enthusiastic and overzealous.

Unadkat shared his views on symbolic Gujarati celebrations as well. He confessed that Ravindra Jadeja would make a better kite flyer than him. In response to who among his teammates was the best Garba performer, Unadkat named his best friend Axar Patel. He jokingly added that he was better at Garba than Cheteshwar Pujara.

Currently playing for Lucknow Super Giants, Unadkat and his team will face off against Punjab Kings on April 15 at the BRABV Ekana Stadium.

Overall, Unadkat’s comments demonstrate his fun-loving nature and camaraderie with his teammates. His Gujarati nicknames for his teammates add a personal touch to the otherwise competitive sport of cricket.

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