KKR and MLC are in talks about building a stadium in Los Angeles

Kolkata Knight Riders

Cricket USA and Knight Riders Group are almost at an end of their deal about constructing a world-class cricket stadium in Los Angeles.

Distance of the stadium will be just 40 miles southwest of Los Angeles.

It will cover an area of 15 acres and will have

As a part of their ongoing MLC project, USA Cricket needs to deliver at least six proper venues so as to be able to start their T20 league in 2023.

HKS, an Australian firm will be handling the construction of the stadium.

People working at the MLC are pretty confident of completing the construction of the stadium.

The stadium will also be requiring an accreditation from ICC before the 2024 T20 World Cup.

West Indies and the USA are the joint hosts of the 2024 edition.

There is also news that venue may come into use if cricket gets inducted into the 2028 Olympics.

KRG owner, Shahrukh Khan was happy with the construction of the stadium and the tie-up with MLC.

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