Laura Wolvaardt appointed as South Africa Women’s captain

Laura Wolvaardt - South Africa Women

Laura Wolvaardt said that It’s a massive honor to get this position as captain for the next two tours.

Laura Wolvaardt on Captaincy

“It’s a massive honour to be offered this position as captain for the next two tours. Having more of a leadership role is something I’ve wanted to take on. It’ll help me as a cricketer, and learning to think as a captain on the field will hopefully help my batting as well.”. Laura Wolvaardt said

“Laura’s dedication, leadership acumen, and cricketing prowess have been evident throughout her career, her ability to stay composed under pressure. And her deep understanding of the game make her an ideal candidate to lead the team. Laura’s influence as captain will extend beyond her individual performances as she guides the team toward their goals,” Nkwe said

 Enoch Nkwe, CSA’s director of cricket heaps praise for Laura Wolvaardt after making her captain of the team. He said about her character of remaining clam in the pressure situcation. And her deidcation made her “ideal candidate to lead the team.” said Enoch Nkwe

The first assignment for the new captain is their Pakistan tour which starts on September 1. After that they will be hosting the New Zealand team in South Africa.

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