Nicholas Pooran wants to continue playing cricket for the West Indies

Nicholas Pooran

West Indies skipper, Nicholas Pooran has vowed to come back strongly for his national side.

In this year’s T20 World Cup, West Indies received a rude shock when they were knocked out of the qualifiers for the Super 12 stage.

Because of this, head coach Phil Simmons has decided to step down from the role after the Australia assignment.

Pooran said before the start of the Super50 cup,

Playing cricket is my dream and obviously I have had my test in life as well and this is another test for me.

Adding further, he said,

I am a person that embraces challenges and this was just another one for me. It is not going to stop me. I am going to continue to learn from my experiences and again, I am happy I can wake up in the morning and see that I have an opportunity to play cricket again.

West Indies have been a successful team in the T20 World Cup so this is certainly a big shock for all of them.

The national captaincy was forced onto Pooran when Kieron Pollard surprisingly retired in May this year.

Because of this, it has been a challenge for the young captain to take his team forward and the Windies have had very few wins this year.

Officials at Cricket West Indies have called in for a ‘thorough post-mortem’ of the team.

CWI’s chief executive, Johnny Grave has also echoed similar views.

Says Grave,

For whatever reason we did not execute under pressure in Hobart. Now, was there too much pressure on the team? Why did the players not execute those skills? It can’t be just players or coaches.

Everyone at Cricket West Indies is now bucking up the demoralized team and asking them to perform better.

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