Ravichandran Ashwin talks about the ‘silent contributor’ of team India


After a brilliant double by Ishan Kishan against Bangladesh, Shikhar Dhawan was dropped from the ODI side. The Indian off-spinner Ravi Ashwin has been very active on his Youtube channel since the last year. 

Ravichandran Ashwin has talked about Shikhar Dhawan’s absence from the side and how it might affect team India. Ashwin also talked about whether to back Dhawan in a World Cup year or groom a dynamic batter in form of Ishan Kishan. 

“He was silently doing his job”: Ashwin

“Only when the Top 3 failed, we had problems in the past. Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli. We talk a lot about Rohit and Kohli, but Dhawan is a stalwart. He was silently doing his job. Will his place be a big void to fill for Team India?,” Ashwin said.

Dhawan or Ishan: whom to back?

“Should we go back to Shikhar Dhawan, or should we groom Ishan Kishan, who has just scored a double hundred? Instead of backing a player on the basis of one huge score, we should see what the team requires. Which character will deliver under pressure? Which character will serve us for a long time?,” Ashwin continued.

“Ishan Kishan was dropped after a double hundred, but Team India has seen Shubman Gill’s run in the past. He has scored hefty runs and has been the most consistent batter for the team over a period of time. He also plays the slog sweep and the traditional sweep, can cut and pull pacers. Smart batting, quality batting, and acceleration towards the end. He accelerated beautifully in the last four overs and hit that 200 in the Hyderabad ODI,” Ashwin added.

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