Ravindra Jadeja says CSK fans will wait for me to get out

Chennai Super Kings

Ravindra Jadeja won the man of the Match in the match against Delhi Capitals in the Chepauk stadium. The support and craze for Mahendra Singh Dhoni in this year’s Indian Premier League is so much. Everywhere Chennai is playing it looks like their home ground. The support for Chennai Super Kings especially for MS Dhoni is getting bigger and bigger. It is because he said that this might be the last season for the captain of Chennai Super Kings.

Ravindra Jadeja in the post match presentation said that

“As a spinner, it feels great if the ball is stopping and turning. Because we practice here, we know what length and what pace to bowl. That is our home advantage. When I bat at 7, the crowd is disappointed and chants for Mahi bhai. Imagine if I bat higher; they will just wait for me to get out,” Ravindra Jadeja said in the post-match presentation ceremony while speaking with Murali Karthik.

Ravindra Jadeja felt disappointed that the fans of their own team celebrate after his wicket falls. The reason is that their favorite MS Dhoni comes on to bat in the match. MS Dhoni comes in and tries to hit a few shots without running much between the wickets. The fans are happy enough after seeing those cameos from their ‘Thala’.

Chennai Super Kings have more than a 98 percent chance to qualify for the playoffs in this Indian Premier League. They want themselves to make it to the Qualifier 1 and make it to the finals.

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