Ravindra Jadeja talks about his rehab and comeback journey.


The Indian side will be extremely happy to see their star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja fit to play for India. Jadeja last played for India during the Asia Cup in 2022. He missed the T20 World Cup leaving a massive hole to fill.

Ravindra Jadeja talks about his comeback journey, the hardships he faced, and how he kept himself motivated through tough times. 

Jadeja talks about how he missed playing for India

“Rehab, training, and stuff are things that you have to do regularly and you do start wondering if you will ever be fully fit. I was watching the World Cup on television and was thinking, ‘Arey yaar, I wish I was there’. These kinds of thoughts come to your mind and they motivate you to go through rehab and training and get back to full fitness quickly.

Physios and the trainers at the NCA worked a lot on my knee. They gave me so much time and even if it was off on Sundays at the NCA, they would especially come for me. They have worked a lot on me. Like, for two, three weeks, I used to be in Bangalore, then I would go back home to freshen up my mind,” Jadeja told to

Jadeja played for Saurashtra in a Ranji Trophy match in Chennai. He discussed how he felt returning to the field after 5 long months. 

I had doubts whether I would be able to sustain 90 hours of play

“I had to be in Bangalore as much as possible so that it helps me in my faster recovery. But two months post the injury was very tough as I wasn’t able to walk or go somewhere. So, that time was very critical and, in this phase, my friends, and family were always there for me.

The first day I went to the ground, I felt a little awkward as I hadn’t gone into the sun for five months as it was indoor training and gym all the time. I had doubts that whether I will be able to sustain myself with my body in 90 hours of play. But the first day was very tough and Chennai’s heat is known to all,” Jadeja further said.

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