Ricky Ponting wants everyone to wait to compare virat to Sachin

Ricky Ponting

Sachin Tendulkar is the only person on the planet to have 100 centuries. Virat Kohli who is the one everyone thinks can beat big records of Sachin. About this Ricky Ponting asks everyone to wait for un till Virat finishes his career so it could be far to compare to Sachin. Ricky Ponting is now the head coach of Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. For Delhi, it is not going well in anything as they have just won only one match. All the teams have at least three wins.

Ricky Ponting on Virat being compared to Sachin

“Trying to compare the times and I know Virat played a little bit in the back end of that Sachin played, but it is a bit of a different game now. There are different rules, for instance, around 50-over cricket, with less fielders outside the circle. Two new balls. I think it makes it a lot easier now for batting than probably ever before. There’s no doubt that the bats have got better,” 

Ricky Ponting further said that

“Field restrictions and new balls are a big part of it as well. When Sachin was playing ODIs, the ball at the end of a 50-over game was very hard to see. It was very soft. It was very hard to hit, it (would) reverse swing. You don’t see that at all in the modern 50-over game,” 

“I always like to judge the quality of players on their longevity in the game. I think that’s the best way to judge players because maintaining such a higher level of excellence for so long is the hardest thing to do. Some players can come in and do it for three or four years and look like the best players in the world, but the very, very best sustain it for long periods of time and Sachin sustained it for more than 20 years at the international level. To play 200 Test matches (like Tendulkar) within itself is an unbelievable feat.” said Ricky Ponting

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