Saudi Arabia seeks to establish richest cricket league, contacts BCCI

Indian Premier League

The concept of global league gaming has transformed several sports, including the English Premier League (EPL). Middle Eastern investors have played a significant role in the EPL’s success, with clubs like Manchester City and Newcastle United having owners from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Recently, Saudi Arabia has become a significant investor in other sports such as golf and Formula One.

The country is now eyeing the potential of cricket in the region and wants to establish the world’s richest cricket league in the Gulf area similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL) with the help of the BCCI. According to The Age, the Saudi Arabian government has been in talks with the Indian board. For more than a year to create the ‘world’s richest cricket league.’

The BCCI doesn’t permit Indian cricketers to participate in overseas leagues currently. Nevertheless, with the Saudi Arabian government expressing massive interest in establishing a cricket league, the board could mull over its decision of not allowing its players to play abroad.

ICC chairman, Barclay said:

“If you look at other sports they’ve been involved in, cricket is something I imagine would be attractive to them. Given their advance into the sport more generally, cricket would work quite well for Saudi Arabia. They’re pretty keen to invest in sport. Given their regional presence, cricket would seem a pretty obvious one to pursue.”

Saudi Arabian government plans to host initial rounds of the IPL and Asia Cup in the future ahead

Prince Saud bin Mishal Al-Saud, the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation, expressed his interest in making Saudi Arabia a global cricketing destination. He said that their aim is to create a sustainable industry for locals and expats residing in the Kingdom.

The Saudi government and business entities have reportedly discussed the possibility of hosting the opening match or even the initial rounds of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in Saudi Arabia. They are also keen to host the annual Asia Cup in the future. Furthermore, these discussions have been held in an effort to increase the country’s involvement in cricket. Hence, they are aiming to make it a top destination for cricket lovers around the world.

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