Shane Watson talks on the controversy of Gambhir- Virat

Gautam Gambhir

In the match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore, the players went on heated conversations. After the match Virat Kohli and Gautham Gambhir had a lot of heated talks about the players. The former Australian allrounder Shane Watson shared his opinion on this topic. He says cricketers should not involve in such act.

Shane Watson on the heated conversation

“Being competitive on the field is great, I’m all for that. That’s where people are at their best… it hones their instincts and focusses their mind. But when that boils over off the field, that’s when you got to leave it. On the field, you can have a crack because you’re fighting for survival, trying to win and be at your best. Once the game’s done, the game’s done. Let’s just move on,”

Shane Watson further added that

“What happened with Virat and Gautam Gambhir… no one wants to see that boil over. GG’s not even playing!” said Shane Watson

Michael Vaughan on this incident said that

“I don’t mind players having small confrontations. It’s just the game. You don’t wanna see it every day but I do not like seeing coaches get involved. I don’t see why the coach or any part of the coaching department is involved in the game. What goes on the field stays on the field. If there is an argument between two players, they need to sort it out. Coaches should be in the dugout or the dressing room looking at strategies,” said Michael Vaughan

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