Trent Boult says ‘Into Virat’s knee first ball was pretty cool’

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Trent Boult, the fast bowler shared how he felt on taking the wicket of Virat Kohli in the first ball. He said that he felt really cool to hit the knee straight on the first ball of the match. In this Indian Premier League, he has picked 10 wickets so far. As he is known for picking wickets in the first over or the early overs of the match. He did that again by picking the wicket of Virat Kohli in the very first ball of the match.

Trent Boult said that

“My kids had just got here. I was on 99 [IPL] wickets; it was about 700 degrees, and I was bowling to probably the best opening pair in the whole tournament. To put one straight into Virat’s knee first ball was pretty cool. I don’t really normally give it too much celebration, but I quickly gave it a big turnaround to the family up in the hospitality area. I remember waking up at about 4 a.m. that morning because my kids were jet-lagged,” Trent Boult was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

He further added that

“I said, ‘Come on boys, you need to go to sleep. Daddy’s got a big game today. I’m playing against one of the best batters in the world.’ My oldest son said, ‘Are you going to get him out?’ I said, ‘Probably not, and I actually managed to! I couldn’t believe it,” Trent Boult added.

Rajasthan Royals play with Kolkata Knight Riders in Eden Garden which is a do-or-die game for both teams.

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