Virat Kohli says he draws inspiration from his own success


Virat Kohli said that I draw inspiration from my past successes and learnings.

Virat Kohli on his inspiration

“I draw inspiration from my past successes and learnings. Reflecting on the moments when I performed at my best and analyzing the areas where. I can improve from losses helps me grow as a player. Every setback becomes an opportunity for me to come back stronger.”

Virat Kohli further added that

“What has truly defined me as a person is my ability to stay resilient and keep pushing forward, no matter how difficult the circumstances. People will always have opinions and judgments, but I have learned to trust my instincts and have confidence in my abilities. This self-belief has been the driving force behind all my achievements on the cricket field,”. Virat Kohli said while talking to Indian Express.

“I engage in regular workouts, meditation, and mindfulness practices to keep my mind and body in sync. Additionally, spending quality time with my loved ones is vital for me to unwind and find emotional support. I make sure to follow a strict diet to stay in shape,” Virat Kohli concludes.

The right hander and the captain of the Indian team will be vital parts if India manages to do well. Rohit Sharma scored five centuries in the last ODI World Cup held in England. And as a captain, he would like to do the same in this World Cup as well. Kuldeep Yadav is doing well in the middle overs by taking wickets regularly.

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