Mithali Raj feels honored to be part of World Cup Ceremony

Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj said that It was truly an honour for me to participate in the ceremony.

Mithali Raj in World Cup Ceremony

“It was truly an honour for me to participate in the ceremony where the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy was revealed. However, what added an extra layer of excitement was the opportunity to meet with the talented French women’s cricket team. Engaging in meaningful conversations with them was a highlight. Their recent elevation to division 1 added another layer of significance to the occasion. This event serves as a motivational boost for them as they set their sights on not only witnessing the trophy’s unveiling. But also aspiring to represent their nation in prestigious tournaments like the World Cup and the Olympics.” Mithali Raj said

The former Indian Women’s Captain further said that

Well, I think such events boost one’s dream because, yes, one can aspire and have the potential and the talent. But when you actually see what you’re playing for right there in front of your eyes, you know it’s a very different feeling. And as young kids. The first thing we want is to represent our country, play in the World Cup, and win the World Cup. To actually see the trophy there, for many players who probably never took up cricket in the past. And for a nation like France to have their women’s and men’s teams at the event, is a big thing. I’m sure all of them would, at some point. Be putting in a lot of hard work to see themselves at the international level, competing with the best like England, Australia, and India.”. Mithali Raj concludes

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