A source says ICC female employee gave written complaint on harassment


The source said that the entire complaint was typed and printed on an A4 size paper.

Harassment at ICC office: source

“She feared her emails could have been tracked by the influential people in the ICC, so she went the old-timer way. The entire complaint was typed and printed on an A4 size paper and submitted to a senior ICC official in person,”. The source was quoted as saying by the CricketNext. 

“It was always going to be difficult for her to fight against such a big institution. And then especially the people in the senior leadership. Then there was always the fear of future professional opportunities being affected by the events that unfolded at the ICC. This complaint isn’t the first time someone has raised a voice against that ICC official,” the source said.

The reports further said that the top officials have said to look into the matter and take action. However, no actions are taken to solve the issue. And a committee has also not created to investigate the issue of this harassment in the ICC office. The complaint of the issue is first took place during the World Cup 2021 in UAE. During that time also no action was taken says source.

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