England is one of the oldest playing cricketing nations in the world. They were previously governed by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) from 1903. However, it is governed by England Cricket Board (ECB) since 1997. The nation played the first test and ODI match in cricket.


The first instance of a team claiming to represent England was on July 9, 1739. “All-England” team, made up of 11 gentlemen from all over England save Kent, competed against “the Unconquerable County” of Kent and lost by a “very few notches” margin. Moreover the better part of a century, such bouts were frequently replayed.

Afterwards in 1846, William Clarke founded the All-England Eleven. Also, this team finally faced off against a United All-England Eleven in yearly contests from 1847 to 1856. According to the calibre of the opposition, these matches were possibly the most crucial matchup of the English season.

White ball resurgence

England badly lost the 2015 World Cup. The team could not qualify for the quarterfinal of the World Cup. However, under the astute leadership of Eoin Morgan, the team bounced back in style in the next World Cup. Under Morgan, the team won the 2019 World Cup beating New Zealand by the ‘barest of margins’. Morgan adopted the philosophy of playing an attacking brand of cricket. He told his batters to play fearlessly without worrying about getting out. The management and the captain emphasised more on hitting sixes and fours rather than singles and doubles. Meanwhile, the team could bat till number 11.

Jos Butler has become the captain after Morgan’s retirement. Under his captaincy, the has won the T20 World Cup in 2022. They defeated Pakistan in a low scoring thriller at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


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